Labor force is defined as individuals 15 years old and over who contribute to the production of goods and services in the country. It comprises both the employed and unemployed population of a country. 

According to the latest labor statistics from PSA, 70.2% of the labor force in BARMM are employed. Of the 70.2%, 7.8% are underemployed or persons who express the desire to have additional hours of work in their present job or an additional job, or have a new job with longer working hours. On the other hand, the remaining 29.8% of the labor force in BARMM are unemployed. These are persons in the labor force (1) without work; and (2) currently available for work; and (3) seeking work or not seeking work because of the belief that no work is available, or awaiting results of previous job application, or because of temporary illness or disability, bad weather, or waiting for rehire or job recall. 

In terms of  Labor Force Participation Rate (LPFR), or the percentage of the total labor force to the total population 15 years old and over, the region recorded an LPFR of 52.4% in 2019. This suggests that more than half of the population aged 15 years old and over in the region contributes to economic activities of the country.

Unemployment rate in the region has been steady the last two years at 8.4%. This is higher than the national unemployment rate (5.3% and 5.1% for 2018 and 2019 respectively) however. Underemployment on the other hand have increased tremendously, reaching a decade high of 6.6% in 2019. This is lower than the 14.0% national underemployment rate.




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