In November 2019, the Bangsamoro Transition Authority, the interim regional government of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region, approved the Bangsamoro Government’s proposed PHP 65.92 billion budget for fiscal year 2020.

Of the 65.9 billion budget, 65.51% (43.18 billion pesos) is allocated to fund the projects of eighteen (18) ministries and offices of the Bangsamoro Government while the remaining 34.39% (22.734 billion pesos) is classified under special purpose funds. 

Among the 18 ministries of the Bangsamoro government, the Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education has the highest allocation amounting to Php 19.06B. This is followed by the Office of the Chief Minister (Php 7.92B), Ministry of Public Works (Php 4.09B), Ministry of Health (Php 3.07B), Bangsamoro Transition Authority (Php 2.59B), Ministry of Social Services and Development (Php 2.03B), Ministry of Interior and Local Government (Php 1.35B), Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Agrarian Reform (Php 986M), Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy (Php 460M), Ministry of Finance, Budget Management (Php 454M), Ministry of Trade and Investment (Php 280M), Ministry of Transportation and Communication (215M), Ministry of Labor and Employment (Php 193M), Ministry of Science and Technology (Php 165M), Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs (Php 100M), Ministry of Human Settlement (Php 95M), Ministry of Public Order and Safety (Php 87M), and Office of the Wali (Php 28M). 

Of the PHP 43.18 billion pesos budget allocated to fund the projects and programs of the Bangsamoro Government, Php 20.129 billion or 46.62% is allocated for Personnel Expenses (PS). Php 14.336 billion or 33.20% goes to Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) and Php 8.715 billion or 20.18% for Capital Outlay (CO). Under special purpose funds on the other hand, the majority of the budget is allocated to the Contingency Fund (58% or Php 13.20 B). This is followed by the Miscellaneous Personnel Benefit Fund (41% or Php 9.28B) while the remaining 1% (Php252M) is allocated to the Pension and Gratuity Fund.





Bangsamoro Appropriations Act of 2020

Database of Global Administrative Areas (GADM)